Wednesday Poem: Compass by K.A. Brace


They say true North attracts
Madmen, suicides, and dreamers,
Whose dreams make too much noise
In the next room.
But, all their instruments point
To something they call magnetic
Where physicists turn to astrology,
Psychiatrists alchemy and
Mathematicians the divination
Of bones for inspiration
–As though the past
Were a continual horizon
And tables and charts alone
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The Presence of Absence

poemFilthy God
Beware of light!
Crush,destroy the gift of sight
Let the mortals fight in the dark
Like the beasts on Noah`s ark
Let them cry in fear and shame
For they all shall seek in vain
Like Abel`s Cain
They will turn against their own
Crushing each and every bone
Nature`s each and every stone…

With this poem written by Sabin Iliev we’re introducing a new weekly thing called Poem of the Week. Each Wednesday we’ll be selecting a poem to be featured on irevuo, for your entertainment.