[Book Review] EAMES

A journey through modernism led by the extraordinary Eames duo.

Why should one spend money on a book when everything inside it is available on the internet for free? Let me tell you why.

This book unveils the story of the couple’s lifetime work, from the early days until the very end in a beautifully well explained and depicted manner.

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Mid Century and Games

Is the child inside you still playing?

Mine sure is.

After I moved out and saw myself with an entire apartment just for me I said: “I can finally have my friends over”.

When I first walked it, it was just concrete and windows, a white canvas only for me to paint, and then I saw a little place in the living room, and I thought, “what should I do with you?” And then it hit me: “board games, games, cards, charades, puzzles, legos, every thing that I forgot, everything that made me so happy once, the true joy of having fun as a kid.” All these memories flooded me, the memories of playing outside with all the kids – oh, the little I knew, I can’t even remember when it was the last time we played, such a pity.

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