Showcase: Thomas Saliot

Born in 1968, Thomas Saliot has a certain style. He says it’s kind of like a blog. He uses pictures he finds on the web, snapshots of this century.  Continue reading Showcase: Thomas Saliot


Showcase: Paul Gauguin

Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin was a French post-Impressionist artist. He quit his job at a bank in order to paint. He did not manage to gain the appreciation his works deserved, even though his style was innovative in terms of the colors used and quite the departure from Impressionism.  Continue reading Showcase: Paul Gauguin

Showcase: Francis Picabia

Francis-Marie Martinez de Picabia. French avant-garde painter, poet and typographist. Experimented with Impressionism, Pointillism, and Cubism. His abstract works were colourful and rich in contrasts. He was one of the early major figures of the Dada movement in the United States and in France. He was later briefly associated with Surrealism, but would soon turn his back on the art establishment. Continue reading Showcase: Francis Picabia

Showcase: Alberto Giacometti

Alberto Giacometti, one of the most important sculptors of the 20th century, was influenced by artistic styles such as Cubism and Surrealism. Philosophical questions about the human condition, as well as existential and phenomenological debates played a significant role in his work. Around 1935 he gave up on his Surrealistic influences in order to pursue a more deepened analysis of figurative compositions. Giacometti wrote texts for periodicals and exhibition catalogs and recorded his thoughts and memories in notebooks and diaries. His self-critical nature led to great doubts about his work and his ability to do justice to his own artistic ideas but acted as a great motivating force. Continue reading Showcase: Alberto Giacometti

First Post

irevuo motto

Hi everyone,

This is irevuo’s first post. I know that for a lot of bloggers, the first post is something to be afraid of. Maybe because first impressions matter, maybe because starting with the right foot matters. Who knows.

The thing is, we’re not afraid. Excited, yes. But we’re not afraid. Not about this first post, not about all the others that will follow.

So, yeah, the website is in a sort of beta stage. We still got work to do, but we also need people to test the different functions of the website, to see what works and what doesn’t. We also want to make sure that the current setup can handle a bit of traffic.

For now, you can setup an account, either by using one of your social media accounts or registering here. You can add a profile picture, tells us a bit about yourself, upload pictures, or get to meet other users on the forum.

We’ll post mostly art related news for a couple of days, after which we’ll start adding interviews, reviews, articles, and other cool stuff.

Have a nice day,

team irevuo