Interior Design: Is it Art?

What is art, anyways? And is interior design art? Can it be art?

Well, if art is defined as a means to express who we are, then, yes, interior design is art. Our homes are a clear definition of who we are, who we think we are, and who we’d like others to think we are.

If art is defined as a way to express beauty (or capture beauty we experience), then interior design is art. We often choose the furniture and decor based on a desire to express beauty — we want to come home from work to a place that pleases the eye.

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What Makes The Difference Between a House and a Home?

Artwork by Tishk Barzanji.

Ever wondered? Ever asked yourself?

Well… YOU. 

You, my dear star dust, you will make that difference.

How? One might ask while reading this string of words.

The answer to this rather simple question is going to pop in your mind in the moment when you will take some time to figure who you are.

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