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Four Books about Rebels

Remember this commercial?

Well, the truth is that there will always be rebels. The crazy ones. The ones who are cursed with knowledge of possible futures, rather than the known hell of the present.

And literature has its fair share of rebels, of characters who don’t think outside the box, but they think like there’s no box. Outsiders, weirdos, eccentrics, all of them are allowed a bit more freedom within the confines of books than they ever were allowed in real life.

So, yeah, here are four books about rebels. For rebels. Continue reading Four Books about Rebels

7 Creative Blog Post Ideas for Writers

A must-read for any writer out there.

The Art of Blogging

Even though the same basic principles apply to all blogs, different topics require slightly different perspectives.

What about writers? Especially fiction writers?

Even though it’s crucial to have an online presence, to use all the tools at your disposal to find and interact with potential readers for your books, what do you blog about?

Specifically, what do you blog about in such a way as to cater to the target audience of your writing?

Because this is the main issues: a lot of writers blog about writing, self-publishing, and book promotion, which in term attracts other aspiring writers, who are not in their target demographic for their books.

Simply put, most writers blog about stuff that readers don’t care about.

But do not worry, here are seven post ideas to get you started.

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[Book Review] Whisper to me: Sweet breath of Life Divine by Randal Cobleigh


The “WHISPERS’ in my case came from my guardian angel. Not only did this angel whisper beautiful poems to me that I have documented in my book. This angel stood next to my death bed in the hospital and administered a healing to me that doctor’s could not fathom. I was supposed to have been “Dead by Dawn” but the kidneys and liver were now somehow functioning normally. This was the second and last time I was to see this angel. But Divine forces have continued to hover around me. Many times people feel the influence of spirit when they come near me. Some find it to be refreshing and enjoy the sensation. Others sense an overload of anger and might be in great despair without truly knowing the reason. One relative in particular has become vehemently hostile towards me and I feel love and sorrow for this individual, but it never seems to help. Many find the experience very awkward and feel as if they are very hot and prefer to leave. Your Guardian Angel can help you find and enter “THE RIVER OF LOVE AND KNOWLEDGE”. If you are in harmony with life, such an experience should help you to realize your talents and gather tools to produce preciously talented creations of your own design. You don’t need to connect with any religion to feel the great love of God’s spirit. God will give it to you for free. Just ask for His grace and Love. When I enter “The River of Love and Knowledge” I find my “Voice in the Wilderness”. Creativity flows like a mighty river and my spirit quivers with love of the creator. If one thing is possible, what then is impossible?

First of, a disclaimer: This book is a bit rough around the edges. There are some errors and typos, and some formatting issues.  They do distract from the writing itself from time to time. Grammar Nazis have been warned!

That being said, this is a very niche book, which is why I included the description from Amazon. If books that revolve heavily around religion are not a thing, this is surely not going to be your cup of tea.

I do not shy away from reading a book, especially since there’s something to learn from everything, and to be honest, Randal’s life story is quite inspirational.

All I can say is that there are good bits, there are bad bits, and since I am not exactly in the target audience of this book, I am sure that those who are interested will find it a much better read than I did.

Whisper to Me: Sweet Breath of Life Divine is available both as a paperback and an e-book on Amazon.

The Creative Process

processSometimes when I tell people I’m a writer they ask me about my process – how do I write. I find it to be a pretty funny question, and I often tell them that all I do is sit at my computer and type. Like I’m doing just now.

It might sound like me being arrogant, but it’s not. I don’t outline, I don’t make plans. I just write.

It all starts with a vision… can I call it that? An image, a sound, a conversation. A whisper. And that becomes a scene, and I replay it in my head, over and over again, always adding more, until I have something. It’s just a glimpse of something or a glimpse of nothing… only time will tell. Continue reading The Creative Process