Art is The New Black


Art isn’t something to be discussed in a few lines, so I feel like I didn’t make it any justice. The reason I believe so, is because the other day I only managed to establish one of the rules, today I feel like covering another aspect.

We are surrounded by many forms of art ; movies, music, poetry, novels, paintings, whatever floats your boat. Everyone is free to embrace it as they wish but things aren’t going exactly like they used to and I am aware that sounds like a cliche. Unfortunately, it’s true.

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Can We?

Untitled-1The last few days have shown me more than ever how much we humans enjoy the simple things. Not only we enjoy the meaning of it, but we crave for those kind of moments, due to our busy schedule that tends to get in the way and continuously provides us loneliness, with more regrets yet to come. When I say simple things, through my mind goes family and friends. Simple as that, isn’t it? Unfortunately, even if a big part of us have those “things”, we don’t appreciate them, and hardly value those kind of moments we get to spend with them. Continue reading “Can We?”

The Art of Trying

art_tryingBefore starting this post, I gathered my little minions and they all knew what they had to do in order to help me write : my coffee was hot, my cigarettes were more than plenty, and my jazz track-list was two hours long. I don’t need two hours to write a post, but I do like to stare at the screen every ten minutes, to enjoy the blank inside my head. I didn’t make this introduction for nothing and the reason for doing it is because I want to open the Pandora box, also known as Inspiration. Continue reading “The Art of Trying”

WTF is Writing?

Let’s start by defining writing: what is it?

It’s the act of converting intangible feelings, thoughts, and emotions into symbols that carry meaning.
Like a musician striking chords, converting his internal message into sounds that carry feelings, so does the writer with his words.

Isn’t it fascinating that with 26 letters – abstract symbols devoid of meaning – you can construct meaning and evoke feelings?

You can take raw material from deep within, process it into symbols, and then convey it into an external message that will eventually resonate in the internal world of another human.

It is indeed fascinating that whatever language you speak and no matter the number of symbols in the Alphabet of your native language, you can build those meaningless symbols into meaningful messages. Continue reading “WTF is Writing?”

Arting Out Loud


Art. A simple word, covering all the beautiful aspects in life. Three letters, used to sum up hours of crying, unrecognized feelings and emotions, loneliness or substance abuse. If you are not falling apart, you can’t have the word. Art is not meant to describe your happiness, but to make others happy. One’s misery can easily turn into someone’s rock, if you know how to polish it. Continue reading “Arting Out Loud”

To fall in love for the second time or the “art” of giving back

art_loveI never thought love could possibly be divided. I never thought of love as a unique feeling capable of conquering two different spaces, heart and mind,  with the same intensity, but with different valence. Today I can confirm that I’ve fallen in love for the second time: with my work, meaning  my writing( don’t take me as a narcissist, I’m  not one of them).  Along singing, which is my medicine for every kind of moral disease I’m dealing with, writing has become the attainable substance of happiness, the second and most sincere fulfillment, besides the love for that one single person. Continue reading “To fall in love for the second time or the “art” of giving back”

Maturity: Two steps ahead, one behind

maturityFairy tales make us believe that everything is possible. Their main quote is the following: never grow up! But in real life things are a little bit different and evolve, sometimes, even without our own willing. Moreover,  we don’t have a magic spell or a fairy godmother, and to say the least, a gold fish to fulfill 3 wishes of ours.  So, outside the story frame we encounter both good and bad, but the happy ending isn’t always prescribed. To get to the point of this article, letting go of the “fairy tale”, and by fairy tale, I don’t necessarily refer to its childish substance, but to its whole package of meanings: little by age, naivety, simplicity, irresponsibility, freedom we step into the real world and pass to the next chapter in life: maturity. Continue reading “Maturity: Two steps ahead, one behind”