Famous Writers and Their Love of Cats

There’s no doubt about it: the Internet loves cats. And weird videos with people failing at some insanely basic tasks.

But did you know quite a lot of famous authors also loved cats?

Jorge Luis Borges, Boris Vian, and William S. Borroughs

Charles Bukowski, Albert Camus, Truman Capote

Julio Cortazar, William Faulkner, and Allen Ginsberg

Ernest Hemingway, Hunter S. Thompson, and Jack Kerouac

Mark Twain, Philip K. Dick, and Stephen King

12 thoughts on “Famous Writers and Their Love of Cats

    1. Isn’t it a shame they charge extra rent per month to have a pet. I can understand a one time pet security payment. 😿 sorry about your kitty, I lost mine in December.

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  1. Hemingway’s cats are very well known here. About fifty descendants of his cats (which included polydactyl cats, cats with extra toes) live on the grounds of his former home in Key West, Florida, which has been turned into a museum.

    Funny how all the writers featured in this post are men, because the stereotype usually goes that men prefer dogs over cats! But perhaps cats and writers go so well together because they leave each other to their own doings, but give each other attention and comfort and companionship when needed.

    I only have a dog right now, but I am a total cat person. I absolutely adore cats and I think about 1/3 to 1/2 of the accounts I follow on Instagram are devoted to either specific cats or cat fosters. There is nothing sweeter than a cat climbing onto your lap, kneading away, and then laying down on you and falling asleep while purring like a tiny little motorcycle.

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