Leaving The Opera in The Year 2000

Le Sortie de l’opéra en l’an 2000 is the creation of French illustrator, etcher, lithographer, caricaturist, novelist, and, in his spare time, a bit of a futurologist, Albert Robida.

This 1902 print shows a futuristic view of air travel over Paris, as the artist imagined it would look like in the year 2000. Many types of aircraft are depicted including buses and limousines, police patrolling the skies…

I believe we’ve always been thinking that we’d somehow conquer the skies, that our destiny lies among the stars somehow.

More than anything, I think this illustration depicts our fascination with the impossible, with building a future that is vastly different (and better in every way) than what we are experiencing right now.

Click here to purchase this illustration as a print.

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