Art is The New Black


Art isn’t something to be discussed in a few lines, so I feel like I didn’t make it any justice. The reason I believe so, is because the other day I only managed to establish one of the rules, today I feel like covering another aspect.

We are surrounded by many forms of art ; movies, music, poetry, novels, paintings, whatever floats your boat. Everyone is free to embrace it as they wish but things aren’t going exactly like they used to and I am aware that sounds like a cliche. Unfortunately, it’s true.

Nowadays, most of the artists feel the need to shock and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you know that feeling when you look at something and your face frowns or you lift an eyebrow like you’re secretly hoping you are getting it wrong and there is more to it than you see? Yes, me too. That’s when the need to shock leaves the individual and becomes something else. It is no longer part of the person creating it, is part of something that he believes society wants. I call it modern art, whenever something gives me the creeps I label it and forget all about it. And please don’t get me wrong, I respect and encourage all forms of art, I am not trying to sound like a person who lived centuries ago, but no one can convince me that a square inside another square is art, or that a song I wish it could end faster is beautiful. No. If I read that book and after two pages I think of what I had for breakfast and how I should change habits, you’re doing it wrong. And I’m not saying you’re a bad artist nor that I am entitled to criticize your work, all I’m saying is that you’re pushing yourself in the wrong direction.

Forget about society’s idea of art, if you are a true artist you will be able to influence the crowd, you don’t need to become mainstream and fail. I am the best example in this situation, if you will allow me to explain it. I recently started working on a novel and before that I was thinking “Ok, what should I write about ? What would these guys like ? ” and that was bad, right there from the start. I had no ideas, no story, absolutely nothing. Then I started thinking again and thought ” Why don’t I write something that I WOULD read if I had the choice? “. And I realized, the topic isn’t that much of a problem, as long as you have a unique way of approaching it. I talked about genuine emotions and this is the exact thing that will help you fail or succeed.

I applaud those who can create modern art and be appreciated it for it and it’s every artist’s wish to be special and unique, do something that has never been done before, not many accomplish it. It’s like wearing a summer outfit in the middle of January, you will absolutely look unique but that doesn’t really feel good, isn’t it ? And we all know you are cold and you are forcing yourself to do it.

My advice for you : do whatever makes you feel good. Do something you’d enjoy seeing, reading, listening to. Because that’s what you do best, it’s part of you and as long as it has your full love,support and devotion I can guarantee you won’t fail. Support your true self, when you will start being your own inspiration other will see you as one too.

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