Art You Lost?


Feeling down? Sad? Lost? Angry? So, so tired?

Why not art?

Why not art yourself back to happiness?

“No one has ever written, painted, sculpted, modeled, built, or invented except literally to get out of hell.” – Antonin Artaud

All art is rather useless, don’t you think? It has no survival value. It does not feed the hungry, it does not clothe the naked, it does not keep us warm…

But does it add value to our survival?

Why live on this life if you are not able to experience beauty?

To find comfort in the words of those who have lived lives similar to your own.

To find peace of mind in the lyrics of a song that accurately describes whatever you are feeling at the time.

To be shocked, frightened, to fall in love with a movie character…

To dance to the rhythm of a song you love.

Art is a compass, pointing us in the right direction.

Art is one of those things that keep us sane.

Keeps us from getting tangled in the web of madness we call day to day life.

Offers us an escape.

Art is quite useless, indeed. But without it, we would be just as useless.

15 thoughts on “Art You Lost?

  1. This talks so much good sense. It’s true, a creative outlet is a perfect way to unwind and a good antidote to all that frustration and stress. For me, writing my blog posts is very therapeutic, and when you’ve written something people seem to like, it becomes a form of creativity that really gives something back. Writing my blog is helping me through the stress of balancing a history degree with being a busy mum of two. I wouldn’t be without it now. Thanks for sharing. Spot on advice.

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