You Are What You Read

The brain is a super-computer. A wonderful circuit board that manages to interpret what we call reality. And words are the only way this super-computer can be programmed. There’s no such thing as someone who doesn’t read. Of course, there are folks who don’t read books, who only read Facebook Status Updates and memes and news.

How would that influence your brain?

There’s no doubt about the fact that we have become mentally lazy. And it’s getting worse year after year. People seem to do anything possible not to be the masters of their brains.

But, I wonder, what happens when you do that? Is it possible that someone else will program your brain for you? That reading about deaths and accidents and celebrity gossip will program your brain to be efficient when it comes to meaningless things? What about video games, TV shows, and all that stuff? Reading horoscopes and all that…

Yes, I am struggling to figure out what exactly people read when they don’t read books at all.

It’s a sad truth, but this defines the lives of most people. It’s a situation that, unfortunately, will  never change. It’s a painful thing that happens to one’s brain.

What should one read?

Everything. I honestly believe that one should use books to learn, to develop certain skills, but also to challenge their own view of the world. Read a book that makes you feel uncomfortable, a book about something you don’t believe in, about people you despise, read books you normally wouldn’t. Read the kind of books that help you grow your mind, that help you develop a certain mindset and life philosophy.

What happens if you don’t?


Life will happen to you, and you’ll call it destiny, or you’ll just say it’s so because you’re a Gemini or Libra.

You can’t make life happen for you unless you becoming self-aware to the point of being incredibly careful of what you feed your mind.

You are what you read.

17 thoughts on “You Are What You Read

  1. I wonder what a psychiatrist would make of that. It’s true that I rarely read books any more and even when I did they were action adventure stories, and yet i am not action orientated, and even though the adventure side of things attracts me the closest I come to adventure is the morning/evening commute to/from work.
    I am reading (albeit at a snails pace) the good psycopaths guide to success but as with all these self help books I find them to be… hmmm not sure of the word, but not massively helpful.
    I wonder what I am then from what I read

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  2. Interesting post! When people share their favorite or least favorite books or stories, that information can say a lot about a person. It’s important to point out that everyone views books differently. A book that one person thinks is intriguing may be dull to another person. Personal preferences to certain types of stories or literature can certainly play a role in this “you are what you read” discussion.

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  3. But what if I don’t indulge in Facebook , Twitter and social media (WhatsApp if required, celebrity gossip… but if I don’t read a book will it affect me negatively? .. I’m just asking…pls don’t get offended


      1. Start by reading the books that you find interesting, based on genre, descriptions, etc.

        Or just try reading books that are popular. You’re going to like something. Everyone does.


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