[Review] A Tale of Skype and Surrogates

Six word review: This is a great damn story.

More than six words:

Steve Grogan does an unbelievable job at making us curious as to what is going to happen in this short story.

The premise is quite simple: Our main character, Andy, gets sent to Switzerland, and he uses Skype to stay in touch with his girlfriend, Jessica.

Now, the brilliant part of this story is that things get a little bit… heated. Also, the dynamic between the two of them slowly changes.

But this is not all, of course.

That ending. Oh my. That ending is worth going through this short story. Keep in mind that I read it at 2 AM, curious to know what is going to happen, and I can guarantee that you’re not going to guess what happens at the end. Trust me!

A brilliant, well-written, short story that captures our imagination, while also providing us with a bit of food for thought: what is a relationship, and what does it take to ruin one.

I highly recommend A Tale of Skype and Surrogates.

You can find it on Amazon here.

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