Art and Hope

To those of you who don’t know me well enough, I say this: My name is Cristian Mihai. I’m 28 years old. And I have been writing for fourteen years.

I make art. I aspire to create beauty.

I wrote because I was broken, felt alone, different, too weak to even matter in a big and cruel world.

It made me feel less awful.

It made me feel as if I was kind of good at something.

Isn’t this what truly matters? How you’d define passion? To be kind of glad you’re kind of good at something.

I hoped a lot during my teenage years. And hope alone carried me and kept me going when all I wanted was to give up.

Good days and bad days, some awful days, some “I don’t want to live anymore days.” Some of the days when you don’t have the guts to keep your head high, when you don’t have the courage to look people in the eyes.

And through all this, my stories, especially the ones I had yet to write, gave me hope.

My struggles are mine alone, and there are no words in any language capable of describing them in such a way as for you to feel what I felt.

But if you make art, you can understand. No matter how different we are. You can understand why art is the highest form of hope.

Dreamers tend to hope an awful lot, don’t they?

They like to fuel their dreams with this idea that no matter how bad they have it, someday it will all be well.

29 thoughts on “Art and Hope

  1. Thank you for sharing this… I too have been there, where I felt broken, felt alone, different, too weak to even matter in a big and cruel world. I too create art and write. Your writing here really touched me and I want you to know that. Thank you! 🙂

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  2. Thank you for sharing such beautiful and truthful words. For me, Art is my cure, through it I become more aware, my consciousness expands and is the centre within me I focus upon when everything around does not look too good. Like that light in the darkness I can hold on to that is always there.

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  3. Hope and art goes hand in hand and no one can better understand this than an artist.
    There are days you create art to lift you up and there are days when you gets inspired and art takes birth.Its a symbiotic process.

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  4. Very refreshing honesty. Art usually comes out of our souls and minds combined, like a sort of magic cauldron, where each of us uses his own ingredients. I like your articles very much, good job! We have to keep on going, sunshine or tempest.

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  5. I’ve always seen that art is the highest form of pains..
    Specially writing.. it is literally a profound way of screaming the cuts and wounds made by your very sensitive aspect to life around you.
    But the sure thing you said is that eventually everything gets so well..
    Cause you go through what you once wrote and get the chance to see that .. right now.. you’re just fine.. fine enough to pass whatever that is you’re going through.. so it gives you keep on .
    Thanks for your post.. very nice.

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  6. Thank you for your honesty. Hope is finding the smallest speck of light no matter how dark it gets. I try to find humor in everything. Some days it’s a real bitch!

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