Showcase: Artists’ Studios

If you wish to catch a glimpse into the artistic process of some of the world’s most famous artists, then a sure bet is to take a look at the insight provided by their studios.

Joan Miró

Spanish abstract painter Joan Miró opened this studio in Mallorca, Spain in the sixties.

Constantin Brancusi

The Romanian-born sculptor lived in Paris for over 50 years. His home and studio drew prominent artists and intellectuals such as Amedeo Modigliani, Ezra Pound, Pablo Picasso, Man Ray, or Marcel Duchamp.

When he died, Brancusi left everything in his studio to the French government—and specified that the space must be perfectly recreated. The studio was reconstructed and relocated in a museum-like space beside the Centre Pompidou—and houses some 137 of Brancusi’s sculptures.

Francis Bacon

Bacon’s notorious drinking and debauchery are evident in the chaos of paints and brushes; clothing that he used to transfer textures to his canvases; photographs of him and his acquaintances; destroyed, in-progress paintings; works on paper; the door and walls where he mixed paints, loose book pages that served as source material; and a replica plaster cast of William Blake’s head.

Jackson Pollock

After he married Lee Krasner in 1945, the couple moved into their home in East Hampton. Pollock renovated and used a barn on the property as his studio.


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