[Book Review] EAMES

A journey through modernism led by the extraordinary Eames duo.

Why should one spend money on a book when everything inside it is available on the internet for free? Let me tell you why.

This book unveils the story of the couple’s lifetime work, from the early days until the very end in a beautifully well explained and depicted manner.

This hard cover book emphasizes the couples’ most important projects from a variety of fields like: the MoMA “International Competition for Low-Cost Furniture Design”, the famous Lounge Chair and Ottoman, Film: Powers of Ten and their astonishing life as well.

From cover to cover, you – architect, interior designer, student of the field or just a passionate/amateur – are going to be astonished by Gloria Koenig ‘s eloquence of writing, and last but not least, the quality of the photos due to the indisputable Taschen.

This book satisfies all the requirements of an art publication, and that being said, Taschen has been doing an amazing job since the 80s.

9 thoughts on “[Book Review] EAMES

  1. I agree that the book is giving a nice overview of the accomplishments of this duo. The only problem I have is a question of taste; I don’t like their designs. Especially not the chairs and the “functional” building designs.

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      1. Tasschen has a a great reputation in the publication of art books. Sadly enough they tend to be quite expensive, so I always borrow first a copy from the library before deciding to purchase one. After all, these are books you keep coming back at every time you need some inspiration for your own projects.

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      2. Indeed, I save money from time to time to buy this kind of books, because I love to have them in the library, rather than to struggle to read them on the laptop.

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  2. Love the Eames and their designs. If you’re ever in L.A. go visit their house on the shore of the Pacific. It gives you the vibe of what they may have been while living there, pretty cool, relaxed and unassuming at the same time.

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