Mid Century and Games

Is the child inside you still playing?

Mine sure is.

After I moved out and saw myself with an entire apartment just for me I said: “I can finally have my friends over”.

When I first walked it, it was just concrete and windows, a white canvas only for me to paint, and then I saw a little place in the living room, and I thought, “what should I do with you?” And then it hit me: “board games, games, cards, charades, puzzles, legos, every thing that I forgot, everything that made me so happy once, the true joy of having fun as a kid.” All these memories flooded me, the memories of playing outside with all the kids – oh, the little I knew, I can’t even remember when it was the last time we played, such a pity.

After this “revelation”, each day for the next few days I stayed in the middle of the living room, on the concrete floor and just stared at that little spot, “how, just how to do it?” I wanted it to be perfect.

Like any other human who owns a phone and internet connection I searched photos, tags, furniture, everything, but nothing really impressed me, nothing was filling that emptiness. Defeated and with an exhausted mind and empty stomach I went to my grandma’s to eat. There, in her small and old apartment, for the first time, a little piece of furniture caught my attention. She told me that it was from the 50s or 60s and that she couldn’t bare her soul to throw it away, that even though it was old, it was still functional. I loved it, probably that was the defying moment when my passion for mid century furniture was born. Without anything else being said, she gave it to me and the games nook had started to catch contour not only in my mind, but in front of everyone’s eyes.

This stunning piece of furniture is nothing just a coffee table, but quite a big one. I bought some poufs and some floor pillows, for all of us to gather around the precious table. I then searched a bookcase in the same wood and style, for them to match – finally the picture from my mind was revealing itself.

Kisper Contemporary Rectangular Cocktail Table with Storage Shelf

If I could have been able to order furniture from Amazon.com a few years ago, this is the furniture I would have bought.

Modway Transmit Mid-Century Offset Cube Wood Bookcase in Walnut

Why Mid Century? You might ask, from all the styles and shapes and colors, the answer is simple: the legs.

In my opinion they are the most practical thing, one could ask from a piece of furniture. I can easily vacuum underneath and I don’t have to drill holes in my walls. I can move the furniture around and always combine it with an “en vogue” piece. It’s astonishing how an old design can combine in such a easy manner with every thing around.

Goodnight or may your coffee be strong!

8 thoughts on “Mid Century and Games

  1. I love old furniture, old buildings, etc… They just have more character. We are in the process of buying and moving into a bed and breakfast that was built in 1918. A lot of furniture in it is from that time, too. Of course, that’s not really “mid” century.

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