The Most Beautiful Book Covers Ever

When browsing for books in a bookstore (if you’re old school like me) or on the web, the cover is the first thing you see, and a beautifully designed cover can convince you to give it a chance.

Here are some the most beautiful book covers ever designed.


12 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Book Covers Ever

  1. It depends. If it’s a traditional publisher, I find they often use nice covers to hide a bad book. For non-traditional publishers, I find it’s hit or miss. I know a lot of readers who rely on a nice cover, but once they get burned enough, many realize why relying mainly on a nice or pretty cover is an unwise move. With all the fake reviews out there, I don’t rely on them. If I can download a sample, that’s a better way for me to evaluate if the book is worth the money. It’s not a guarantee as some books have wonderful starts, but fall flat fast.


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