Do You Write From the Heart?

How do people feel when they read your writing?

Have you ever asked yourself that? Have you ever thought about it after writing a story or an article?

Do you think that is even a relevant question to ask?

Anyway… what does it mean to write from the heart? What makes the difference?

Well, read on and you’ll find out.

People want to deal with people.

That’s it.

The human aspect is what interests us most. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. About the subject matte of your blog post, about your story, about your characters.

How do you spot writing that has soul?

  • Humor – Not necessarily telling jokes but rather not taking themselves too seriously.
  • Stories – Personal experiences that are told in such a way that you believe this person actually exists.
  • Language – It might be pushing it too far to suggest street slang (not that I could even attempt to be “hip and down with the kids. Yo.”) but a touch of humanity instead of business-speak goes a long way.

What it comes down to is being human and addressing your audience as people. Just try it and observe the response. It might just make them, and you, smile.

5 thoughts on “Do You Write From the Heart?

  1. This was timely Cristian.

    I was just thinking about something similar as I took my bath to prepare for work a couple of minutes ago.

    I was thinking along the lines of using the ‘f’ word in a writing, that it may not be completely inappropriate, depending on whom you are writing for.

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  2. This is so accurate sometimes you get so tangled up in making something that meets the standards of decent literature you can forget just putting your heart into what you create is enough.

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