Writers And Their Hobbies

Writers are human. Barely so, and most likely they’re a bunch of people trying to act like one. Struggling to do so. But they also tend to do things that fellow humans also do, which also includes having a hobby or two.

Martin Amis

Martin Amis was so passionate about video games that he even wrote a book about them: Invasion of the Space Invaders: An Addict’s Guide to Battle Tactics, Big Scores and the Best Machines.

Henry Miller

Henry Miller had a more exotic hobby. UFOs. Not only that, but he also believed to had seen one in the 50s. He went as far as to promote Flying Saucers Are Real, a book by Donald Keyhoe, which attracted the jokes of many of his friends.

Truman Capote

The writer was a big fan of step dance. At one time during his youth he had even dreamed of being on stage.

Patti Smith

Patti Smith was obsessed with Brian Jones, the Rolling Stones guitarist. Yup, that was her hobby. She even grabbed him by the ankle during a concert, an achievement she was quite proud of.

Flannery O’Connor

Not only did she raise peacocks, but she was passionate about all kinds of birds, from ducks to more exotic species. When she was a little girl she dressed chicken to walk backwards.

Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo was passionate about drawing. He began to become obsessed with drawing, especially after he quit writing. He created some four thousand works, which were good enough to prompt Eugene Delacroix to state that if Hugo would have pursued drawing instead of writing he would have become the best visual artist of his age.

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