TMM: What is Art?

What is art exactly?

It’s all art. The way you dress, how you walk, how you talk. It’s all art. Poetry and philosophy and paintings and songs and movies and the soundtracks of those movies – sometimes even their reviews are art. Every joke ever made, every scribbled note, every photograph. All the fairy tales and the ballads and the legends.

It’s all art.

Architecture. City planning. A mathematical algorithm. A software program. A smartphone. The Internet.

The way the stars shine bright against the night sky. The sound of the rain. The smell of flowers on a summer afternoon.

This world, and everything in it.

It’s all art.

Every bit of beauty that was ever witnessed by another human being is art. Everything that ever made us forget ourselves in admiration, every little thing that took our breath away.

It’s all art.

And we’re all artists.

12 thoughts on “TMM: What is Art?

  1. So, in your opinion are the performers in a pornographic movie artists? and what about the person taking the shots for the film? If the movie is purely designed to excite the viewer (as, by definition pure porn is), does that still constitute art? There was, of course the famous D/ H. Lawrence trial in which it was decided that Lady Chatterly’s Lover was art. Best, Kevin

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    1. I guess they are. If it makes you feel something, it is art. Also, writing erotic fiction (which I do) is considered an art form.

      As for pornographic movies, I think they are art. In a way. They make one feel something, and are quite good at it. Not just those who enjoy them, but also those who loathe them.

      Art has to make you feel something. It should comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable. And porn’s rather good at doing just that.

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      1. Just feel the need to respond to this comment. When I write something occasionally and I read it to my sweet husband I often say this is likely to upset people. He almost always responds with “If it doesn’t make people feel something it isn’t art.” True we don’t have to like it. Great question and excellent answer. Thanks Cristian!!! Love 💕 J

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