TMM: Producer or Consumer?

Sometimes, given the technology that is so accessible to us nowadays, it’s easy to spend an awful lot of time binge watching TV shows, movies, even YouTube vlogs. In order to drown out the guilt, we might tell ourselves that we need to do this in order to relax, recharge, or because we’ll write a couple reviews on our blogs, and that would make it worth spending so much time in front of a screen without producing anything.

The thing is that we fall into two different categories: consumers and producers.

I believe that in order to produce, one must first consume.

But how much?

And what is the ratio? 50-50? 30-70?

How much art do you have to consume in order to produce something of your own?

How much time do you have to spend reading, binge watching movies and TV shows, and going through tons of paintings and drawings on social media? Or walking through museums, if you’re still into doing things in the real world.

Yes, it’s quite the dilemma. One that I am not sure how to answer, and I don’t know if anyone can answer it.

How much time do we spend accumulating information in order to give it new meanings and call it our own?

3 thoughts on “TMM: Producer or Consumer?

  1. If only I knew! Still, I am sure that a fixed ratio would not be suitable for all. Every potential “producer” should think about this question and try finding an answer for herself. Knowing that a producer/consumer ratio of 0/100 is nil might help : ).


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