TMM: Words and Ideas

No matter what happens in my life, there’s one thing I believe in with all my heart: words can shape the world. I believe in the right words said at the right time, I believe in reading someone’s words and deciding a different outcome for yourself.
That’s one of the reasons I write. That maybe once in a while my words offer someone comfort or hope or inspire them to strive for more. I write for someone half a world away to feel less lonely in their thoughts and feelings.

Of course, I also write to remember myself all these things…

Action is preceded by thought. A thought is a string of words. An idea. It may become a feeling. But we should act upon our thoughts, for our decisions determine our destiny. Our inability to decide will shape our future for us, instead of it being the other way around.

That’s why words are so important. The universe is made up of words… that’s why we must feed our minds with great thoughts, we should read the words that inspire us to action, not the ones that seed fear and hopelessness into our souls.

We were born to be great. Each and everyone of us.

We just need the right words. That is all.

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