Can We?

Untitled-1The last few days have shown me more than ever how much we humans enjoy the simple things. Not only we enjoy the meaning of it, but we crave for those kind of moments, due to our busy schedule that tends to get in the way and continuously provides us loneliness, with more regrets yet to come. When I say simple things, through my mind goes family and friends. Simple as that, isn’t it? Unfortunately, even if a big part of us have those “things”, we don’t appreciate them, and hardly value those kind of moments we get to spend with them.

Here comes the question “why”? Personally, I think that because of the mirage of the “future time” we tend to place in our vocabulary more and more each day, we lose count of our present living: “I’ll do that, I’ll meet you, I’ll be there” those are the most encountered promises we make, with the idea that we’ll accomplish them. Most of the time, we never get there, because we find them less and less important and we postpone them over and over again till we lose track of time.

So, we reach a point in our lives where “respect” can be “so overrated” and promises can be delayed. How come? Because we don’t understand anymore the meaning of simplicity and what can it really bring to us. Simplicity- “thank you,” I would like to”, “I love you” and so on. What I meant to say is that those little proofs of “simplicity” (respect, education, caring and loving) says it all. You can read a person through his/hers behavior, in the case you don’t know that certain person. So you make a first impression and you are in the right to do it, based on a “proof of simplicity”. But what happens when you know that person and you see how she/him forgets to say or to do those simple things that in the passed were “normal”? When is the time to step in and say something?

Because we tend to rush everything and we forget to live the moment, present has become something we mostly forget about. A smile, a simple thank you or a help given to the ones in need can be anything you could ever want in a cloudy day. The simple act of giving can bring so much to a person, I personally feel so good and complete when I help or simply put a smile on somebody’s face. Those proofs of simplicity, as I tend to call them, whether we are talking about family, friends or people we interact to, count the most because they are made of true feelings, emotions. Such elements are uncountable and last forever in our mind and soul.

Although it will sound a little bit cliché, without the feeling of love, we have nothing, as Whitney Houston says in one of her songs. Love comes as well from a simple and sincere place: our heart. It’s the way we understand to conserve it that makes it complicated. Whether we are talking about life partners, family or friends, love makes the rules, meaning it dictates the way around . No matter what you are going through, at the end of the day, if you have the ones you love close to you, everything will appear from a brighter side. The problem interferes when we tend to ignore that and we put them on second place in our lives, because we focus more on our own issues and work tasks. Therefore, the simple meaning of gathering and being with the ones we love remains in the past as we put our self more into the front line.

I think whatever we choose, career or family, the most important part is not to lose your own self. To make place for those simple things and to let them step in so that they can set up a balance between what its really important and what we think it’s important.

Nonetheless, the worst part in ignoring those simple acts is the risk of remaining with only memories that you won’t be able to fix, because it will be too late.

To put an end to it, in a more positive way, I think the sooner you start realize how much simplicity can provide, then you will feel the real touch of life, and when that moment will come, memories will be only “things”, because you’ll be surrounded by the love of your family and friends.

Yes, I do think we can play the simple way around, if we truly want it.

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