Book Review: The It-Doesn’t-Matter Suit by Sylvia Plath

A children’s story by Sylvia Plath which was found in manuscript form after her death. Max Nix lives with his mama and papa and six brothers in a small village called Winkelburg. Max longs for a suit – not just a workaday suit, but one for doing everything. One day, a mysterious parcel arrives.

Her journals indicate it was written before the birth of her first child, Frieda, back in 1959, it wasn’t until 1996 that the tale saw the light of day with its first — and only — publication, featuring wonderful illustrations by German graphic designer and artist Rotraut Susanne Berner.

I believe that children’s stories are the most difficult to write. There are children’s stories that are, in essence, philosophical treatises, and adults would have a lot to learn by reading them.

This is such a lovely story that I recommend everyone read it. Maybe because they wish to be transported to a period in their lives when tales meant so much more than they do now, when our imagination would carry us slowly towards sleep, that made us feel restless to assume the world, that made us dream that we could be anything we want to be.

Oh, and the illustrations are fantastic, so there’s also that.

The It-Doesn’t-Matter Suit is a book you won’t regret buying.

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