The First Rockstar (And How to Deal With Haters)

Psychologists believe narcissists to be more creative than other people.

Narcissists are better artists.

And there probably never was and never will be a more narcissistic person than Oscar Wilde.

Yup. The first rock star was a writer.

Someone who, upon entering the United States, said that he had nothing else to declare but his own genius.

Someone who created his own version of the myth of Narcissus.

But this isn’t a critique. No, by no means. This is just a way of explaining the following: you’ve got to reach a certain point of self-absorption, in order to create art. Why? Because that’s the only way to shut up the inner critic. The only way to not care about what other people think or say or do in relation to your art.

Haters gonna hate, right?

All art is a selfish endeavor.


5 thoughts on “The First Rockstar (And How to Deal With Haters)

  1. Reblogged this on John Barleycorn and commented:
    Most very creative and talented people I have met do have big egos. Artists, musicians, photographers,salesmen, doctors, (the list goes on), have much at stake when they fail. They pour their hearts and souls into their work. The time and effort they spend and risk are things you cannot get back if you become a failure. It is a high stakes gamble that only a select few win big at.
    I do my photography for fun and pleasure which keeps it enjoyable, and a non stressful creative outlet. Had my own business for awhile and did quite well. To pay the bills I had to take shoots that were mundane and boring. Now I shoot for fun and love it.

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