[TV Show Review] You: Is This The Weirdest Show Ever?

Because it’s Valentine’s Day, you might consider binge watching You, one of the most bizarre shows Netflix has to offer.  Well, it’s romantic. Kinda…

To be honest, I thought You was mostly about some psycho-dude stalking a girl, learning everything about her, just to get her to fall in love with him. Well, it is about that, but it’s much, much stranger. Strange things happen from the very first episode, and it’s all unpredictable.

It usually takes me two days to watch a movie. A TV series? A lot of time. I binge watched this TV show, and it got so addictive that it was difficult for me to write my posts and stuff.

Trust me, this trailer is boring.

Oh, and that ending. Yeah. That ending was both worth it and frustrating, like a good ending has to be.

Highly recommend this one.

24 thoughts on “[TV Show Review] You: Is This The Weirdest Show Ever?

  1. I just finished watching this show a few weeks back and got my best friend to watch it. It’s ADDICTING and I never would’ve guessed the ending. This is one of those shows where you can actually feel sorry for the guy (and that makes me feel weird because he’s a stalker). Lol.

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  2. I was watching it and was wierd. Don’t want to spoil anyone but you should watch because it is a really good picture that is showing to us what is actually happenening to us right now.
    Some things try to become normal while we clearly see from this series it is not how it used to be and should be.


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