Abstract Art?

“There are idiots who define my work as abstract; yet what they call abstract is what is most realistic. What is real is not the appearance, but the idea, the essence of things.” – Constantin Brancusi

This is Bird in Space by Constatin Brancusi. This one’s made of marble and is housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. There are fifteen other sculptures that are similar to this one, made of marble or cast in bronze.

This is Sleeping Muse. You see, she’s sleeping. She’s also a woman… see those delicate features, that tiny mouth?

I think there’s no such thing as abstract art. And modern art is not going down the drain… it’s become primitive, but in a good way. Art is about feelings. Modern art is trying to get to the essence of things.

But now the thing is… can you really get to understand the essence if you don’t have to work for it, if you don’t have to take away countless layers before finding it?

Just a question in case you didn’t have anything to ponder about today.


4 thoughts on “Abstract Art?

  1. I am by no means educated in art but I think I may disagree about there being “no abstract art.” To me abstract art is referring to art that is not easily explained or conveyed. There are pictures of things and that you know what that thing is, and then there are pictures (or sculptures, etc) of things that you don’t.
    I agree that art is about emotions. We each bring to a piece what we do and have that piece stir up in us what it will and take that away.
    Thank you. 🙂

  2. Bottom line: Art is about feelings.. when I finish an abstract painting the only question I ask myself is whether it evokes feelings in me. If it does, I’m good.
    Enjoyed reading your piece 👍

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