This Is Keeping You From Being a Writer

I’ve been writing for over fourteen years. That’s half of my life. In the last seven years, I have written novels, short stories, scripts, published articles online and offline, so to speak.

I have rarely used to words ” wannabe” or “aspiring.” As a matter of fact, most of my friends know me as “the writer.” Not a writer, not just a writer, but THE writer.

This may seem like a simple thing, but it makes all the difference – if you want others to take your work seriously.

This begs the question:

What do writers do that the rest don’t?

They believe in themselves.

They write with confidence, without making excuses or apologies.

And if you’re going to do work that’s worth anything, you’re going to have to do the same. Even if at first you have to fake it.

You’re going to have to call yourself the writer.

When just a writer becomes the writer

“Just” a writer writes once in a while. When it’s convenient, when they feel like it, when the planets align in just the right way. They keep telling themselves all sorts of stories about why writing is not that important, why they do not care about fame, glory, money, while they procrastinate in a myriad of creative ways.

When you know you are the writer, when you define yourself, when writing is tied to your ego, then you must write. Good day or bad day, you must sit at your desk and write.

Try it.  Call yourself “the writer.” A real one, not a wannabe. And all kinds of amazing things happened: guest posts, book deals, invitations to write for magazines, — all because you have the inner fortitude to define yourself.

Why does this little trick work:

  1. It gives you confidence. Nobody wants to read work that an amateur writes. No one wants to hire someone who doesn’t believe in himself. Calling yourself the writer helps you do just that.
  2. It makes your work better. Believe it or not, confidence matters. A lot, Not just for your self-esteem, but for the quality of work you do. When you start calling yourself something, you raise the stakes. You call your own bluff.
  3. It makes other people believe it, too. Unfortunately, we live in a world obsessed with titles. When you tell people, “Writing is just something I do on the side…” you sabotage yourself before you get a chance to prove yourself. Calling yourself a writer is an invitation to the world to take you seriously. It helps you get paid.

So what are you waiting for?

Time to call yourself the writer — and actually believe it.


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