Showcase: Francisco Goya

Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes was a Spanish romantic painter and printmaker, often considered to be the most important Spanish artist of the 18th century, the last of the Old Masters and the first of the moderns. I’d say he was one of the best artists to reveal the darkness that resides in our souls. All that is greedy and wrong with human nature.


4 thoughts on “Showcase: Francisco Goya

  1. The poet Baudelaire said of Goya, that he brings back to painting, the feeling that delights in the terrible. As we can see in ‘Saturn devouring one of his sons’; a fresco transferred to canvas in 1820, as well as ‘the 3rd of May’ which you’ve presented above. Cool dude.

  2. Goya is such a fascinating artist — I believe he is sometimes referred to as the father of modern art.

    An interesting aspect of his life and art is that he was more or less a traditional painter (employed by the court of Spain to paint portraits, for example) until in his late 40s he became deaf after an intense illness. At this point his painting style became to change a lot and his work became more abstract and what some people consider “darker.”

    A good movie about his life is the 1999 film “Goya in Bordeaux” (he was in exile in the later years of his life…)

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