I’m twenty seven years old. And I write. What’s funny is that I’m not a patient man. Patience is one of those things you acquire in time. I want to write great things and I want to write them now.

For a young, inexperienced writer like myself the world seems to spin twice as fast. I don’t have time to stop, to ponder, to throw away pages of literature. I want to inspire in people what my favorite stories inspired in me.

I write as if tomorrow will never come. I write as if today is the last day of my life.

Funny, isn’t it?

But it’s true.

I believe that young, inexperienced writers set out to write the words they think the world desires to read. The words the world needs. When they gain a bit of experience, they set out to write the words they desire to read. And that’s a pretty big difference.

I’m not sure this applies to me now, but when I was younger, I wanted to use all my ideas and characters and put them into a single story. I thought that’s how masterpieces are made.

With experience you realize how precious ideas are. You store them. You also realize that in order to write a story you need just one idea.

Some write as if the world is going to end tomorrow, and some as if the world is never going to end.

9 thoughts on “Twenty-something

  1. Interesting thoughts. And does it change when you have not much time left? Is there one mad rush to get it all down? A death sentence may change everything

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  2. Great piece as always.
    So, how does your perspective change when you get older. I’m at that age where there’s fewer days ahead than there are behind, and while I’m expecting a least another twenty years ahead, I’m also smart enough to know that no one guaranteed another sunrise. I’m also at the age where I think I’ve got something worth telling.
    So I write it now, and hope I’m around to edit it tomorrow.

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  3. I started writing before I was even a teenager (see my omegabooks blog posts), and only got my first printed published book out when I was in my 40s. And the characters I created as a teen were put into those books I wrote in the 1990s and now. When I was 27 I was in college, working and getting ready to get on with my life. Don’t sweat it, Cristian. You’ll do fine, and it seems to me you’re doing fine now.

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