TMM: But It’s Not Even Midnight


The muse does not wait for you to get ready. The muse does not appear when you want it to appear.

This is what we like to say to ourselves whenever we don’t feel like writing. When we’re too hungry, too tired, too cold to write. When we’ve got other things to think about. When the world seems out-of-balance in such a way that you writing would simply cause the Universe to implode.

We all know them. All the little excuses procrastinators use when they need to avoid writing.

But the truth is, you spend enough time staring at a blank screen words will magically appear on it. Well, not exactly, but you’ll somehow find yourself typing on your keyboard.

As long as you keep telling yourself that the muse is just a figment of your imagination, that you’re actually in control of the outcome, you can write anytime you want. You can write when you feel like it and when you don’t feel like it.

Of course, this, as many other aspects of writing, is easier said than done.

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