WTF is Writing?

Let’s start by defining writing: what is it?

It’s the act of converting intangible feelings, thoughts, and emotions into symbols that carry meaning.
Like a musician striking chords, converting his internal message into sounds that carry feelings, so does the writer with his words.

Isn’t it fascinating that with 26 letters – abstract symbols devoid of meaning – you can construct meaning and evoke feelings?

You can take raw material from deep within, process it into symbols, and then convey it into an external message that will eventually resonate in the internal world of another human.

It is indeed fascinating that whatever language you speak and no matter the number of symbols in the Alphabet of your native language, you can build those meaningless symbols into meaningful messages.

Can you imagine that at one point in our lives, the symbols WTF meant nothing but letters clustered together?
WTF. (Why try, fool?)
WTF. (Wishful thinking, fool!)

You have a story to share. An idea you believe is worth describing.
You have feelings to explore, experiences to learn from, and a legacy to leave.

Writing is, and will always be a very harsh experience.
Writing is not unlike giving birth; it’s not always simple to just release your words onto a screen or a piece of paper.
The idea in your head is causing more and more pressure inside of you, and you need to release it.

But, you might wonder, why should you write?
Who will read it?
What if you fail, right?
What if it didn’t get the result you desired?
What if people didn’t think it’s great?
Can you see how you’re bound by fear? You’re trying to jump over the bridge before even trying to walk.

Listen, I’ve been blogging for over 8 years.
I created and deleted several blogs before my current blog.
If you’re like me, still conscious about being exposed and judged, then you can create an anonymous identity.
Don’t give up because it has been weeks since you created your blog and not a single person dropped by. You have to go after it, friend.
Seek it out. Keep on writing. Keep on pushing.

Stop waiting for the moment – that special moment in a movie where the hero spends a couple of minutes in a montage to show how he worked hard and finally got what he sought.
You will not change in 2 minutes.
You will not Rocky your way into fitness.
You have to sweat, cry and go through pain.

Pain is the price life demands for the rewards you’re seeking.

WTF. (Where to, friend?)

By the end of this sentence, I’d have written more than 400 words.
400 words made up of the infinite combinations of 26 symbols we call letters.

You want to paint? Pick up that brush or whatever tool you use and fuck that canvas.
You want to write? Pick up the pen or laptop and begin converting those powerful emotions into words.
You want to lose weight? Get your ass off that chair and walk. Don’t come back until sweat is mixed with blood.

Listen, you want to do something? You want to leave your legacy before you die? Then fucking do it.
Life is random, and anyone who claims to be able to coach you through it is an idiot.
If life was easy then everyone and anyone would be able to do anything.

WTF is writing?
Simply put, it’s the process of converting energy from one form to another.
And for me, I want to convert all my energy into positive and inspirational messages.
WTF. (Write & Thrust Forward).

Guest post by 10000posts.

11 thoughts on “WTF is Writing?

  1. I love words! Omg my thing with words… haha. I love the sound they make, the sensation of speaking, emotions evoked, the forms that these invisible brain sperm take on… tracing the lines on the page can evoke sigillum of symbolism, or the connotative concepts we map in our minds! I love that each synonym signifies the the finite splintering of meaning… relating a particular specific facet of the idea
    They’re fun, and they’re funny, and they’re nothing at all. Words are just air. But we need air to live, because it’s what we breathe


  2. Really inspiring post. I deleted my blog after it had around 200 followers and didn’t even save my content. I was sure I will never come back to blogging because of what you wrote: scared of being judged. But I am back. Because I can’t stay away from writing and it makes me feel alive. Thanks for the encouragement!


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