The “Write What You Want” Paradox

Must read if you are a creative.

The Art of Blogging

Write what you want.

The advice that all successful writers/bloggers so generously offer.

The most important rule of content writing.

Write what you want. What sets your soul on fire. Write your heart out. When you want, how you want. Ignore the critic within, the haters, the naysayers.

Write with passion.

Punch the damn keys.

The rules are more like guidelines. Write what makes you happy. Write as if these were the last words you’d ever write.

To tell you a little secret: if you were to go on my blog, you’d stumble upon about 1000 or so blog posts that ignore most of the rules I teach here. Bad headlines, a quote for an intro, and just me writing with passion about life, death, and everything else in between.

And the newbie goes on and writes with passion and conviction until they stumble upon a new rule:

Write what…

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4 thoughts on “The “Write What You Want” Paradox

  1. I break all the rules on my own blog and I see how it’s suffered a bit for it. I’ve always taught my clients the “right” way while on my own blog I write what’s in my heart. For the creative one it’s not a big deal but for the thought piece and lifestyle type one they need to be more thought out, which is hard for myself. I need to treat my own blog like a client!

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