Getaways for Book Lovers

Winter is coming (unfortunately). This particular fact makes many of us dream of ways to escape the cold. And what does a cozy place ask for? A book. Here are some of the best book-inspired vacations.

Tara Inn, Pennsylvania

Inspired by the greatest movie of our time, Gone With the Wind, Tara recreated is in a real sense an embodiment of the Old South. Tara offers you a lasting impression of Southern Hospitality and a chance to enjoy the luxuries of days gone by. 

Lord of The Rings FTW! Enough said.

Pavillons des Lettres, France

Set deep in Paris’ 8th arrondissement, The Pavillon des Lettres offers everything you would expect from a French boutique hotel – subtle and sophisticated, elegant yet modern. Pavillon des Lettres’ is Paris’ original literary hotel with 26 rooms and suites, each dedicated to a different letter in the alphabet – and in turn a great writer from European history – from B for Baudelaire, S for Shakespeare and Z for Zola.

Jane Austen Centre, England

The Jane Austen Centre, a permanent exhibition that explores Jane’s time in Bath and the influence that this beautiful city had on her books, characters and personal life.

Together with its Regency Tea Room and Gift Shop, the Centre has become one of the most popular celebrations of Jane Austen ever, attracting thousands of visitors each year from around the globe.

2 thoughts on “Getaways for Book Lovers

  1. And some of us who live where summer is too hot and too long are waiting impatiently for winter. But, you are right, winter calls out for a cozy place and a good book. The Shire of Montana looks good to me. Thanks for the post.

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