Movie review: Slumdog Millionaire

I’ll let you in a on a little secret: I’m a hopeless romantic presenting itself as a cynic. An, boy, is this the kind of movie a romantic would like to watch over and over again.

The premise of Slumdog Millionaire is simple: a boy raised in the slums of Mumbai is hopelessly in love with a woman he’s known ever since he was a little boy. He goes to the Indian Version of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” in hopes of getting her attention somehow.

Of course, it’s a lot more than this. Quite a lot. It’s such a clever movie. It won eight Oscars after all, including Best Picture.

This movie is just beautiful. The way it makes you think that some people are destined to be together, that maybe there’s some unseen force that makes soul meet and never let go of each other.

Is there such a thing as fate?

A truly wonderful movie, beautifully shot, and the actors play the parts superbly well. This movies draws you in, its fast-moving, engaging narrative featuring a protagonist who is so likable it’s almost unfair. There are some moments of heartbreak and tragedy but it is ultimately uplifting and contains pretty much all the instances an audience will want.

5 thoughts on “Movie review: Slumdog Millionaire

  1. I personally found the movie to be an exaggeration. The music was good, but definitely not the best work of the maestro A.R. Rahman.
    The Oscars can be deceiving at times, specially when it tries bring forth the plight of a city which resultantly woos the western masses that has never witnessed a certain kind of lifestyle.
    The movie was good, but definitely not eight oscars worthy.

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