War Memorials. Poetry.

There are many ways to express a certain feeling, yet poetry can arguably do it better. The following poems are inscribed on Memorials, in order to honor the victims of wars or genocides.

Women’s Veteran Memorial

You can tell her by the twinkle in her eye,
At parades when the flag marches by.
She served our country and she served it very well.
Some have even served a tour or two in Hell.

She suffered hardship and never ceased to care.
It gave us strength just to know that she was there.
She was a leader, you could tell by the rank she wore,
But she became the invisible soldier after the war.

She can march, she can fly, and she can sail.
She proved that bravery isn’t exclusive of the male.
She did every job she was asked and more,
But she became the invisible soldier after the war.

Now, it is finally time to right a wrong.
Honor our sister soldier; hear her song.
It’s very clear that she’s a patriot to the core.
Don’t let her be the invisible soldier anymore.

The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

The Belzec Death Camp Memorial

The Holocaust Museum

I saw a mountain
Higher than Mt. Blanc
And more Holy that the Mountain of Sinai
On this world this mountain stood.
such a mountain I saw — Jewish shoes in Majdanek….

5 thoughts on “War Memorials. Poetry.

  1. When we visited Normandy, which I recommend to everyone, there is a nearby cemetery for German soldiers. In there is the grave of a Panzer commander, I believe Wittman was his name, who was prolific and famous in tanks destroyed. Decorating his grave was forbidden, because he was SS, but still after so many years, flowers and other objects found their way to his grave daily.


  2. My last days in southeast asia (1973) was performing the extractions of POW’s out of Cambodia and Laos. We gathered 4 women among the many men, who had been treated much worse than the men. Rarely do women get credit when credit is due. Over 60 women died during that campaign.


  3. The women I server with were top notch soldiers. I was in an MP unit, and they could hold their own with us guys. Several of them were NCOs and Officers over me, and I followed them in battle and worked right alongside them. Most civilians don’t realize this, but combat is the great equalizer. Out there, there is no male or female. You’re out there to get the job done, period, and you follow because you trust that person. Sex never once enters into the equation.


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