Arting Out Loud


Art. A simple word, covering all the beautiful aspects in life. Three letters, used to sum up hours of crying, unrecognized feelings and emotions, loneliness or substance abuse. If you are not falling apart, you can’t have the word. Art is not meant to describe your happiness, but to make others happy. One’s misery can easily turn into someone’s rock, if you know how to polish it.

One of my favorite books, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, taught me a valuable lesson. Amir was reading to Hassan one of the stories he wrote, about a man whose tears could turn into pearls. Wanting more and more, in the end he found himself sitting on a mass of pearls, sobbing over the wife he has stabbed. Hassan wasn’t an educated boy, he did not go to school, or learn how to read and write. Yet, he asked Amir why didn’t the man make himself cry with onions ? It amused me and got me thinking at the same time.

The reason I chose this story is because it has all it takes to explain the difference between art and rationalism. Amir was the artist, trying to create something unique and breathtaking, he was the boy who suffered because his father wasn’t paying the attention he needed as a child. Hassan, on the other hand, was the happy kid who had nothing, he was a humble servant, yet perfectly fine with his life. Two different people, seeing the process of creating art in different ways. Which one of these ways do you think would break more hearts ? The suffering in order to create, or the faking emotions way ? I think we all know the answer to that question.

No fake emotion has ever brought good results, in art or life. Fake is meant to last for as long as you’re willing to keep the emotion itself. Genuine feelings, on the other hand, will last forever, even if you’re experiencing different kinds of feelings all the time. No great artist will go the easy way to achieve what they want. They are waiting for the right moment, even if it’s people we’re talking about, or events or even one,two or three bottles of wine, they are always searching for something to have their trigger pulled. If they’re not looking, something will sure come up, because one of the perks of being an artist is that you can see art where people see white noise, which is nothing.

Art. You see beauty where someone tried to create acceptance. If you can feel emotion while enjoying a piece of art is because someone sacrificed himself and let out all the venom. Is because you can recall.

Art. The easiest way to feel understood under the most beautiful circumstances.

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