To fall in love for the second time or the “art” of giving back

art_loveI never thought love could possibly be divided. I never thought of love as a unique feeling capable of conquering two different spaces, heart and mind,  with the same intensity, but with different valence. Today I can confirm that I’ve fallen in love for the second time: with my work, meaning  my writing( don’t take me as a narcissist, I’m  not one of them).  Along singing, which is my medicine for every kind of moral disease I’m dealing with, writing has become the attainable substance of happiness, the second and most sincere fulfillment, besides the love for that one single person.

The entire process of creation demands inspiration and honesty, the ability to write down and to translate into words my emotions,  in a way that it stops hurting me, it’s unbelievable, it’s so real that I can see it, I can touch it. Is there, the product of my imagination, the release of my fury and contentment without any  physical reaction, only spiritual.

The beginning was uncertain, like every road start, I felt insecure, insufficiently determined, without any perspective to hold on to. But things eventually worked in the end, if I can really add the word” end” to it. Better to say, in the meantime, cause I really wish for this to last as much as it can, as much as I can to engage in this amazing movement of ideas and to make it visible and to give something back to the others. To offer in return for what has been given to me, to share the feeling of being part of the same story, the feeling of understanding and solidarity, through writing.

I think talent, whatever category and range of difficulty we are talking about,  is nothing without vision, and most important, inspiration.

I felt the need to add this introduction to better explain , to you, my view of “art”. As you’ve seen earlier, my opinion towards my passion, writing, stands in the present above all possibilities of reaching that sense of completeness.

Therefore, through this article I would like to express my opinion towards art, in its most delightful and believable meaning: what is art, what art can bring, why it is called this way and what really implies? When I hear or imagine or simply admire a piece of art, a mix of feelings goes through my entire body. I filter everything and I interpret it so that I can really understand its purpose and heading. Whether we are talking about paintings, sculptures, music, dancing, I think that everything in this world can be titled as a form of art, as long as it has an artistic side and a beauty that passes over any kind of barriers.

Like those songs which we play over and over again without getting bored, because they are immortal, they come from a sincere place, made of true feelings for the other’s feelings. Or when we admire a certain piece and we feel like we’ve been there, like we’ve lived that certain episode, that appears illustrated, in another life or we simply enjoy to look at it over and over again, without giving a rational explication . We just enjoy the moment at its highest intensity.

Art engages everything and implies a double effort, you either go all in or you fold, there’s no turning back for those who truly understand the meaning of art. By double effort, I mean both mind and soul, you get involve with your entire spirit, you give your all, without asking yourself what the others may think, because deep inside, you know there will be someone out there who will appreciate and admire your piece of work.

Nonetheless, I think “art” is something that can’t be explained from an objective point of view. If I think again, art can’t be explained, only understood, interpreted. It can’t be compared, because each piece is unique, like every person. In my opinion, most of the time, people see “art” as an extraordinary painting, sculpture etc that has been realized by a famous artist. I totally disagree and let me argue against this statement , as I think that everything around us is a little piece of art. The difference interferes at the level of commitment towards it and length of time.  Also luck is an important and crucial unit we cannot forget about.

Therefore, discovering art, your “art”,  is like falling in love for the second time and the entire process assumes, as I mentioned in the beginning, the act of giving back, of sharing.  So, this is my definition of art: pure emotions, pure giving of eternity.

5 thoughts on “To fall in love for the second time or the “art” of giving back

  1. I agree with you that art can only have subjective value, modified by our perceptions. Since we’re all different, we’ll each come to our own decisions of the extent to which a ‘work of art’ has value. The idea that art has commercial value, with monetary valuations (applied by self-proclaimed art critics) makes no sense at all to me. That someone would pay millions for a work of art by this, or that, painter is, of course, down to individual choice — but the crucial point is that the monetary values aren’t chosen by the individuals themselves. No matter how much I might like a particular piece, my relative wealth (or lack of it) determines my ability to pay the price. And when it comes right down to it, the pieces of paper themselves (or, rather, the digital representations of these in banks’ computers) that constitute the buying price only have value as long as people believe they do…

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  2. I am a photographer. I see my own work as a reflection of myself. I chose my subject then turn the image into a story. That is also Art, that I can fell in love over and over again. Simplicity will make any subject speaks.

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