TV Show Review: The Terror

This is a pretty good TV show. The premise makes it that way.

As a matter of fact, I believe that this would have been a fascinating story even without using the main killing machine, of which I am sure someone was too proud of in order to realize that they manage to create a fascinating story which is pretty much all about people starving to death, freezing to death, and going insane because of the starvation and the cold.

Yes, I enjoyed this TV Show. Very much so.

It’s got character arcs, which is a rare thing these days, and they’re properly developed, believable, and make it easy to get emotionally attached to the characters themselves.

But like I said, suspension of disbelief would have been far easier without using that “monster” cliche.

The Terror is something I recommend watching. Well worth the time.

5 thoughts on “TV Show Review: The Terror

    1. Well, it depends on what genre you prefer. Netflix are spending a ton of money on producing original content. My favorites would be Stranger Things, Altered Carbon… I reviewed both on this website. Narcos is fun, if you haven’t tried it.

      There are plenty I have yet to watch, because I cannot afford to spend that much time on binge watching TV shows.

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      1. I don’t feel like watching Stranger Things but I will check your review this weekend, maybe it’ll change my mind. 😉 I will try Altered Carbon then and Narcos. Genre doesn’t matter actually, as long as I’d be hooked the moment I watch the first episode because whenever the first scenes bore me already, I wouldn’t want to continue watching anymore. That’s why I don’t know much TV shows or movies. :):):)
        Thank you!

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