Showcase: Banksy

Indeed. It is time to showcase one of the most famous, most mysterious, and most controversial contemporary artists. Who is Banksy? What does he want?

Impossible to answer these questions at the time, but we can take a few moments to admire some of his works.


3 thoughts on “Showcase: Banksy

  1. great stuff… they’re so amusing but pithy about social issues. Can’t be a better way to comment on our societies issues than this. A bit like Hogarth, nearly three centuries ago. I did a piece on Banksy that’ll be published next year. I think I bought a mid-century Eame’s chair off his father in London, and Banksy was busy hanging an exhibition of his prints in the basement of the showroom… I could be wrong, it’s all a bit cloudy as far as Banksy goes! The furniture shop was called Tom Tom at the back of St Giles’ Circus

  2. Awesome..awesome post. It always a treat for eyes to see Banksy artwork. I have been a fan of his work since I saw the documentary ” Exit through the gift shop”. If only I could create a collection of all his artwork.

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