TV Show Review: Black Mirror

Black Mirror is difficult to review, mostly because it’s an anthology television series. New characters, new plotlines, and basically everything that connects all the episodes together is the fact that they all share a science fiction element.

Oh, and they all seem to touch on the same aspect: how technology can be detrimental to our mental health. That new technologies also have side-effects.

I’d add that there’s also a big emphasis on how technology can become addictive, and it offering us a means of escape from reality making it quite dangerous.

That being said, even though there are some episodes that are absolutely brilliant ( from cinematography, to acting, to storytelling) I can say that there isn’t a single episode that isn’t worth watching.

Yes, Black Mirror is that good.

I highly recommend you give it a chance.

6 thoughts on “TV Show Review: Black Mirror

  1. I have watched several episodes of Black Mirror. It definitely has a way of drawing you in, at least it does me. It’s pretty heavy though, and I prefer to view it only occasionally. I do get what you mean about the science fiction element. What I like most, and has certainly been confirmed by you here, is that Black Mirror comes with a message. Awareness is key isn’t it, and if nothing else, Black Mirror makes you aware of things (technology & its effects for one), that we might take for granted, and otherwise choose to ignore. I like being jostled on occasion!

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  2. Sounds like The Outer Limits without aliens. Everything on this planet has uranium in it. It’s how we date things, as uranium breaks down evenly throughout each millennia. So even our cell phones are zapping us when we use them. Not to mention the addictions and departures from reality as you’ve mentioned. I will check to see if Hulu offers it, as that’s my only outside source of television. Thanks for the post.

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