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One thought on “Quote of the Day

  1. I’m pretty sure that Banville was an entertainer, even in his youngest of days. It would seem natural to have to compete with his older brother. However, my foster father (O’Leary) wanted to see a Bruce Lee exhibition in San Francisco, and learning of another Irishman being in town sought him out. I did enjoy the exhibition, but seeing Janis and Jimi the year before at the Monterrey Pop Festival, they were the only ones on my mind. I was very disappointed about the entire weekend, as Janis was in Germany and Jimi was performing in England during that week.
    As for Banville, he has been acclaimed an English verbiage aficionado. And I don’t believe a word of his quote, for he shines far too brightly to let anything less be his mantra. I think he might have been the only contemporary author my dad read. All the others had been dead from 500 to a few thousand years.


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