Showcase: Kate Murray


“I was a troubled child, I didn’t fit in. I was subject to bullying, a social outcast. The kid who runs into the library at lunchtime because they have no one to talk to. That was me…”

“I didn’t learn to read until I was 11. But I could draw. I have always drawn. At first it was mice. I even sold them to classmates for pennies. Then I moved on to any animal and insect. I remember having a massive A2 sketchpad that was filled with huge drawings of spiders and centipedes. I drew everything. My school work was filled with lions and tigers, some eating, some drinking and others just staring out of the page. I’m guessing that my parents may have been asked to curb my enthusiasm, but how do you stop a child communicating when all they use are drawings?

Then at 11 I learnt to read. I learnt to write and I started to understand other artists. My artwork started to evolve and in many ways it still is. I’m still learning.

Why do I draw? Because it is a fundamental part of me. I wouldn’t be Kate without a canvas on the easel and an ink smudge on my hand. I draw every day. It is the same to me as breathing.
I exhibit as part of a group in Wales, Celf Canolbarth Cymru and although I haven’t had a solo exhibition yet I am hoping to soon…
” – Kate Murray

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