TMM: The Art of Being a Fan

No matter who or where we are, we consume art on a daily basis. We listen to songs, go to the cinema, or spend a lazy afternoon enjoying a good book.

But why is it that art is so important? Why is it that our lives would feel empty, pointless, filled with blank spaces without art?

Art is important for a million different reasons: we consume art because it inspires us, because it gives us purpose, motivation, ambition, and it makes us dream. Art shows us a world we would’t dare imagine by ourselves. We consume art simply because it’s beautiful… a beautiful voice can be admired just for that, so is a beautiful painting.

Beauty in itself is never pointless.

We consume art because we want to be entertained, because we want to forget about all the worries and hardships of our day to day lives. We consume art because we want to feel less alone, we want to believe there are others just like us, who think and feel and act like us. We consume art because we want to escape a world we can’t really understand.


6 thoughts on “TMM: The Art of Being a Fan

  1. Bit off topic but the word “fan” is difficult, especially if speaking about being “a fan” of somebody. it imposes a power relation, a hierarchy I, personally see repulsive. It is supporting a relation where all people are not equal.

    1. All people are not equal. They can have the same level of freedom and the same rights and the same opportunities. But equal? That’s just a communist fairytale.

      Ever met someone with an IQ of over 150? They have the intelligence of a small town. Literally. Or someone who is a professional athlete? Of course, their advantage is derrived from working ten to twelve hours a day, but you get the idea.

      We’re not really equal. We’d like to be and we can lie ourselves that we are, but we’re not.

      1. I am surprised that came from you. I pondered upon your reply and came to the conclusion that surely a clever writer like you see the core value of human beings equal, the value of human life on its own, in itself.

      2. That’s what rights are for. I wrote about it. We have the same rights and we should. But we are not equal. We do not have the same height, the same eye color, the same phisical capabilities, or even the same emotional endurance. That’s why equality is a fairytale. Some are smarter, some are better with people. You can’t force frogs to fly for the sake of equality.

        And about the value of human life… it’s worth as much as everyone else says it is. Millions died when other millions decided their lives weren’t worth much.

        You seem to mistake freedom and equality. Or freedom and fairness. Is it fair that some people are born with certain advantages? Maybe not. But are you free to do your best to attain similar advantages?

        That is something worth considering. People should be free to forge their own destinies. That’s what I suppose you mean by equality. Bring no harm to another, stuff like that.

        Would you like to have the same income as someone from Sudan? For the sake of equality? Or the exact same income as someone who doesn’t feel like working at all. For the sake of equality.

        I know I wouldn’t. It wouldn’t be fair. And I wouldn’t be free anymore.

        P.S. it’s never a good idea to talk about equality to someone who lives in a country that spent close to 60 years in an opressive regime where no one could find any food for the sake of everyone being equal. People starved to death because we should all be equal.

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