Radu’s Movie Recommendation: Last Vegas

Have you ever wanted a bachelor party? Your own way of going out with a bang of the single life? Getting all of your friends and going to Las Vegas where you can go wild? Drink, gamble, strip clubs? We all imagine doing that when the time comes. But how would it be if you are 70 years old?

This is the story of four guys who have been friends since they were 12 years old. And now they are pushing 70, each struggling with their age. Except one, who decided to propose to his 30 year old girlfriend. At a funeral. So all of them decide to go to Las Vegas to throw the future groom a bachelor party. As the weekend unfolds, each of them must learn to deal with his own demons, as they cannot properly accept their age and all the limitations that come with it.

But this is not an ordinary movie. This isn’t a case where a director takes a script, picks some actors and tells them what to do. These are not actors. There are Hollywood Gods. They have been in the business long before we were born and will be remembered long before we are gone. So these guys don’t need a script. They don’t need a director. Just give them an idea and they will work it out. You can see the chemistry between them, how naturally everything feels in the way they talk, joke or act. So for these guys it wasn’t like filming a picture. Just four friends having fun and making the best of time.

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