I listened to the critics and didn’t watch Justice League… until now

The general consensus was that Justice League is not worth watching. It fared poorly at the box office, my friends said they didn’t enjoy it, and critics gave it mostly negative reviews.

So I postponed watching it for as long as possible. Truth be told, I waited for just the right moment: when I felt like wasting a couple hours on a bad movie.

Well, Justice League is not that bad, actually.

It’s entertainment. Indeed, not the best kind of entertainment, not the best superhero movie, and it’s still way behind what Marvel are doing, but the fight scenes are enjoyable enough.

One thing that I noticed was this: the damn movie has the most absurd jokes. They’re just plain bad. Also, Ben Affleck is the worst Batman ever. Terrible.

Other than that, the CGI does its job. Yeah, that’s the definition of entertainment these days.

The story feels incomplete. It’s as if there should have been more… it feels as if waiting for something to happen, but it never does. The climactic battle is not what we were waiting for. Something should develop or change or evolve.

There are hints of character arcs, but just that.

It’s not a total waste of time, but it’s nothing more than mediocre. A movie you’ll soon forget about.

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