TMM: Writing

Words are powerful. They can create, they can destroy. They can motivate, inspire, offer a bit of comfort to those in need.

I use words in written form because they are almost set in stone.

They leave a trail behind.

It’s such a definitive action, don’t you think?

But it’s not the only reason.

I write because I think we’re all made of stories. I’d like to find out what my story is.

Also, to be, words are beauty, so I aspire to create something beautiful.

I write because it gives me hope. It offers me an escape from the day to day madness of living in this world.

I write because it calms my soul.

I write because it’s the best way I know of to prove to others that I am alive. That I have lived… I think and I write what I think, therefore I exist.

Why do you write?


3 thoughts on “TMM: Writing

  1. I actually first started writing to cope with depression. But ultimately started writing screenplays putting myself in each character. It forces you to deal with problems because a story has resolve. People love redemption so figuring out my characters is figuring out my issues.

  2. I write for various reasons. One is that I love stories and I love story telling ever since I was a child. It’s a land of freedom where you can fix things reality won’t allow, at least for the moment. I love to write because there are moments and topics that should be addressed , so I write social, political blogs to speak up in such cases. I love to write because words can paint and depict things that are beyond my drawing skills. I write because words stir emotions and become powerful tools in a way that is closer to my personality. I am an observer, a listener so writing speaks for me.

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