Artist of the Week: James Salter

Whenever I read a new author, sometimes I find them so fascinating that I have to read all their work. This allows me to reach a certain conclusion and better appreciate their art.

James Salter is a must-read. No question about it. The kind of writer that can truly break your heart with a single sentence. A writer’s writer he has been called, and yes, he’s undoubtedly one of the best stylists I have ever read. Right up there with Allan Hollinghurst or Oscar Wilde.

A Sport and a Pastime, his masterpiece, is the kind of novel that makes you nod and smile at how beautiful his sentences are, how someone can polish a written text to make it flow in such a manner. Wonderful. Truly wonderful. This, of course, makes the story’s rhythm and pace the kind of thing that is worth reading in one sitting.

This book alone is worth reading. Or maybe try some of his short stories. I do recommend this author as one of the best out there.

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