Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I’ve said it on more than one occasion. I am NOT a fan of Disney ‘s Star Wars. They feel shallow movies, without vision and a soul. It gives you a feeling that a bunch of producers stood in an office and thought: ”How can we make a lot of money out of this movie?”. And this is Disney’s Star Wars: a collection of beautifully made SCI-FI movies, without a soul and with a lot of elements to hit strong different box office markets.

The Last Jedi picks up right after The Force Awakens, with Luke refusing to train Rey, as he considers himself a failure and that the Jedi should be no more. He didn’t come to Ach-To to learn new Jedi lore. He came to die. At the same time the Resistance is being pursued by the First Order, with their hopes of survival almost gone. Even with Luke finally agreeing to train Rey after being persuaded by R2 and The Resistance launching a desperate mission for survival, hope is almost from the Galaxy.

And with the hope almost gone from the Galaxy so is my hope of Disney actually making good on Star Wars. After leaving the cinema from TFA I was angry and disappointed, but after seeing this one, I was just sad. Because Disney just doesn’t get what Star Wars is about. They are about making more money and buying a new studio or franchise. Or George Lucas was about sending a message, having a vision.

So I will make a list of the pros and cons of this movie. I will start with the bad ones, since there are a lot of things wrong with this movie.

The first thing that comes into mind is the story. It felt so unreal and weak, with a lot of unnecessary subplots. While the whole action took place in less than 48 hours, in some parts it felt like weeks, while in other parts like minutes. The different story arcs felt out of sync.

The second thing that ruined were the characters. Most of them were just useless. Put in the story just for the sake of marketing(aka Rose), while others were used wrong in the story ( Poe Dameron, Snoke). Still at the characters, I felt that there was no really back story for the new ones. If TFA left us with a burning curiosity regarding who is Snoke and who is Rey, well The Last Jedi makes you feel like a bride left at the altar. Also I found Kyle Ren as even more annoying. He just felt like an emo wannabe Sith spoiled brat with a burning need to be recognized. In the end, I was left frustrated at Luke Skywalker. Instead of being a great Jedi, he is a grumpy old man, haunted by the fact that he failed as a teacher. Instead of trying to repair his mistakes, he takes away his toys and goes to live on a forgotten island, on a forgotten planet. Even Mark Hamill, who probably had the performance of a lifetime(even if it was as a grumpy old man) was disappointed of how his character was written. He stated that “ this was not his Luke”. Also, just like Harrison Ford, after giving the performance of a lifetime, he is killed.

The last thing that annoyed me was the humour. Although a good joke would have been appreciated from time to time, the movie tries to be funny way too much. It even uses a “yo momma” joke. I’m always looking for a good laugh, but it is just too much for Star Wars. Another thing used to lighten the tone were the Porgs. Although cute and funny, they were used too much, most likely to sell dolls before the holidays.

What I did enjoy were the actions scenes. Beautifully filmed and defined, it is the best thing about this movie, although there isn’t enough lightsabre fight. But that is just for my taste.

The second thing that I enjoyed was Mark Hamill. He was amazing. His best performance as Luke Skywalker by far, even if he didn’t like how his character’s story arc was developed.

And the third and final thing that I liked about The Jedi: it’s not The Empire Strikes Back on steroids. It actually has enough elements to resemble Episode V, but enough original context to be its own movie.

So if you are not a Star Wars fan, this is a good movie to see before the holidays. Funny, with good special effects and action scenes and a good directing, it could definitely be the blockbuster of the year. If you are a nostalgic, go see the movie, just don’t get your hopes up. It can break your heart.

4 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Last Jedi

  1. The feminist narrative has ruined these movies. If women were the physical equal of men, we would see this in real life. For example, we would see at least 50% of the NFL be filled with physically dominant women. But we don;t see it…because it is a lie.

    The real reason for this “chicks with d*cks” obsession is not even empowerment or equality. It’s an attempt by (((Hollywood))) to masculinate the goyim women.


    1. Or to make more women come to see the movie. The same reason they used an Asian woman for a useless plot. And have actors with such an ethnic background. Si it can sell better. This new Star Wars concept isn’t about the vision. It’s about money

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  2. True indeed. One has to wonder, was female viewership even necessary? I remember when the original Star Wars came out in 1977. If my memory serves me well, it was mostly a film for young boys.

    Also, let’s not forget that JJ Abrams was in charge. He commented on how disgusted he was at the white maleness of the series and how he was going to change it.

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