TV Show Review: Stranger Things

Four days until the second season of this show will air I am writing my thoughts. Briefly. No spoilers included.

Stranger Things is a great goddamn TV show. It starts in a rather cliched manner, with some evil entity scaring the crap out of the audience, and then some evil government organisation, but after the first three episodes it becomes something else. It has a sort of hallucinogenic effect on you – there are a bunch of characters all acting crazy, and you’ve got some kids who are the only ones who are reasonable enough to do the right thing.

I loved this show’s pace and tempo. The way the “cool” scenes are not so frequent. This is part-time Suspense, part time Thriller, part time Science Fiction, part time Horror. It’s got all these ingredients and they’re all beautifully mixed together. The kind of emotions you, as a viewer, get from all this is an important part of dedicating yourself to watching a TV series.

You want to know what’s going to happen. There’s thing feeling that something tragic is going to, but you have to see it. You want to see it, to get your heart broken, and then move on with your life.

Remarkable. Any piece of art that manages to suspend disbelief in such a manner is remarkable. And well worth your time.

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